Are you planning to visit Saudi Arabia in 2024? Then this blog is for you! We are here with the perfect travel guide to visit Saudi Arabia like a proper local!

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is probably one of the underrated tourist spots. It is a versatile, vacation destination with so many diverse places and activities to choose from. From majestic sand dunes to marine and coral-filled areas to vibrant palm trees and mountain tops, there are all sorts of places that you can discover in Saudi!

Starting from the top cities in Saudi Arabia, there are three must-visit cities that you should add to your travel list!


The capital and the largest city in Saudi are home to multiple tourist attractions. The best places to visit in Riyadh include the Royal Palace, the majestic Masmak Fort, the amazing World Sights Park, and Riyadh Zoo for a fun-filled family experience!


The booming coastal city in Saudi Arabia is the hub of commerce and shopping centers. Jeddah has top must-visit landmarks including the Al-Saif Beach – the perfect picnic and relaxing tourist spot, Athr Gallery – for all the modern art lovers and one-of-a-kind dining and socializing experience at Al-Balad!


This city is located on the Persian Gulf, a perfect place to relax and unwind with a lot of contemporary and cultural places to visit. With multiple historic sites, pristine beaches, and several exciting water activities.

Other places to explore in Saudi Arabia


A mountain town situated in the west of the country. Taif is famous for producing rose water and rose oil. It has a range of artifacts displayed in the area which are from the pre-Islamic and Islamic periods. It also has a vibrant lagoon, lots of greenery, and a large dam.


This province is renowned for its olive farms, ancient castle ruins, and gigantic pillars which have been around for a thousand years.


This Arabic oasis city boasts the Hegra Archaeological Site – a must-see human and natural heritage, consisting of stone dwellings as well as monuments.

Rub’ al-Khali (Empty Quarter)

This area has a remarkable stretch of rippling dunes – like never seen anywhere in the world!

Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly a country filled with rich, cultural, and historical areas that are some of the undiscovered wonders across the globe. A place filled with magnificent deserts and dunes – it is definitely worth a visit, with so many activities to offer.