Here’s everything you need to know about getting ready for Umrah!

We have rounded up an extensive list of all the essentials that you may require, packing tips, and much more in this blog.

Traveling Essentials for your Umrah Journey 2023

For a comfortable and spiritual journey with no obstacles, you need to be prepared beforehand. You can save this list as a checklist for your next Umrah journey.

Note that this guide is a comprehensive list with some additional items that may be needed during your stay.

  •  Your identification including your passport and Umrah visa.
  • Vaccination Certificate for Covid 19 and quadrivalent (ACYW135) vaccine against meningitis.
  • Additional passport-sized photographs in case of need.
  • Refundable flight tickets.
  • At least 400 to 500 Saudi Riyals (you can exchange or take out more money if needed later).
  • Your Debit and Credit Card.
  • Photocopies of your important documents.
  • At least 3 emergency contact numbers.
  • Hotel booking information.
  • Relationship certificate (if you are traveling with your spouse).
  • Face masks and sanitizers.
  • Travel itinerary.
  • Good quality suitcases with locks.
  • Pocket Quran.
  • Tasbih or a digital dhikr counter

Clothing and Accessories for Umrah

All men and women must be in a state of Ihram to perform Umrah, which includes a range of steps.

For men’s clothing, there are two plain pieces of white cloths worn, that have no buttons or seams.

For ladies, they may need a number of clothing items including:

  • A loose robe or an abaya.
  • A few pieces of hijab.
  • Under caps for hijab.
  • Hijab or safety pins and any accessories (if needed).
  • Socks
  • Light clothing underneath the abaya of choice.

Take along at least two pairs of slippers, your basic toiletries, and necessary electronics for your stay.

Pro tip: keep a water bottle with you at all times and some snacks in case you feel dehydrated or hungry.

Tips for your Umrah journey

Plan a budget, depending on your days of stay and your hotel booking. This is essential for a smooth time as you will be traveling back and forth between cities and visiting different places.

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