If you are in search of the best Umrah packages to travel in the second half of the year 2024, then read below. In this complete guide, we have included the different types of Umrah packages available, the best Umrah packages for 2024 and some essential tips for a smooth experience in the house of Allah.


There are several kinds of Umrah packages which differ according to the duration, budget, and customizations. For the most affordable Umrah packages, you can find the basic services such as 3-star or 4-star hotels and accommodation deals, flight booking and transportation. For more premium Umrah packages, you can find luxury 5-star accommodation, the best airline flights and private transportation. You can also customize your package the way you want – if there are any special requests that you need, Fly Saudi can provide you with Umrah packages as per your distinct requirements.


There are a wide range of Umrah packages available for 2024. At Fly Saudi, we ensure that our packages cater to all types of travellers and what they are looking for. Our best Umrah packages for 2024 include the 7-night Umrah Package, the 10-night Umrah Package, the 12-night Umrah Package, and the 15-night Umrah Package. Within these broad packages, we offer a variety of services, including Saudi visa, flight bookings, hotels and accommodation, round transportation service and Ziyarat, and an Umrah essentials bag. We only offer the best quality deals at reasonable rates.


  • Preparing Yourself Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

While Umrah is a shorter pilgrimage as compared to Hajj and can be performed several times, you still need to be prepared for it both physically and mentally. It involves a lot of walking so make sure you are physically fit, especially if it is your first time performing Umrah. Additionally, you should be mentally and spiritually ready to perform this holy journey by seeking knowledge about the importance of Umrah and its rituals.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated and Energized

It is absolutely necessary to stay hydrated throughout the journey and physically active. While walking, you may experience dehydration, especially in the hotter months so it is best to keep a bottle of water and some snacks throughout the journey to perform the rituals with ease.

  • Observe Decorum and Be Patient

The area surrounding the Kabba is crowded for the most part of the year, as Muslims we should be patient, and kind and show respect to our fellow pilgrims. Pushing or shoving others, especially during Tawaf should be avoided.

  • Ask for the Forgiveness of Allah

One of the best ways to guarantee a fulfilling experience. Umrah is a great way to cleanse your soul and seek forgiveness for your past sins and reflect on yourself and make positive changes and habits.

  • Follow the Sunnah

Make sure that you follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) while performing the rituals of Umrah.

  • Be Positive and Grateful Throughout Your Journey

Lastly, having a positive mindset is key for your Umrah journey. Ensure that your overall experience is positive and focused on achieving the blessings of Allah and your spiritual growth.


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