If you are planning for an Umrah trip this year, then we are here with the perfect list of tips and answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding Umrah visa, budgeting, and a list of Umrah packages to choose from!

Q. What are some clothing and other essential traveling accessories for Umrah?

All men and women must be in a state of Ihram to perform Umrah. For men’s clothing, there are two plain pieces of white cloths worn, that have no buttons or seams.

As for women, they may need several clothing items and accessories such as:

  • A loose robe or an abaya.
  • Hijab
  • Under caps for hijab.
  • Hijab or safety pins
  • Socks
  • Light clothing underneath the abaya of choice.

Take along at least two pairs of slippers, your basic toiletries, and necessary electronics for your stay.

Q. What are the basic requirements for an umrah visa?

  • National ID Card or Birth Certificate
  • Travel Approval from Employer or School
  • Passport sized Photographs
  • Scanned Passport Personal Details
  • Verification of Accommodation/ Hotel booking
  • Bank Statement
  • Vaccinations
  • Flight Ticket

Q. Should I travel alone or with a group?

Traveling in a group is a more cost-effective option as you can share the transportation costs and book hotel arrangements at sharing prices.

Q. How much budget should I keep for my meals?

It entirely depends on how much you dine out and if you want to choose fine dining options for the ultimate travel experience. This would cost you more than regular meals. In most of the hotels, you can find breakfast included in the stay so you are covered for one meal of the day!

Q. What are some affordable Umrah packages available?

At Fly Saudi, you can find a range of Umrah packages for 2024. We provide a complete travel itinerary in our affordable packages. You can also customize the packages according to your needs!

Q. Do I need a purchase a mobile sim in Saudi Arabia?

Although you can find free Wi-Fi in almost all of the hotels in Saudi Arabia. If you want mobile internet to stay in contact with your loved ones throughout the journey then you can find several local prepaid SIM cards at affordable rates!