Are you ready for the ultimate Arabian experience? Experience the best and unmatched holiday destination as you fly to Saudi Arabia. Read below to find out about the top Saudi Arabia attractions that you should definitely add to your travel list!

    1. Al- Balad

The ultimate place for all your shopping needs. Al Balad Souk aka marketplace is the hub for clothes, jewelry, perfumes, crockery, and many artifacts. That is not it – you can also shop for premium coffee beans, home accessories, and even electronics, etc. Located in Jeddah, this open-air market is considered one of the oldest and most famous souks where you can bargain and get items at the best prices!

   2.Center Point

If you’re visiting Riyadh, the Kingdom Centre Skyscraper is a must-visit place in Riyadh. This skyscraper is built with 99 stories and 43 floors – both below and above the ground. The attractive arched building with a sky bridge also has an observatory which gives you a chance to enjoy breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. From trying fine dining to experience the stay at the one-of-a-kind Four Seasons hotel to exploring the world’s tallest mosque, to shopping sprees, the Kingdom Center is certainly home to unforgettable experiences!

   3.Edge of the World

In the mood for some adventure? The next time you travel to Saudi Arabia, visit this unreal attraction that is located on the north side of Riyadh. Experience a hiking experience like no other on the cliffs with stunning views. Gear up as this journey is not for the faint-hearted – you need to wear the right pair of shoes and clothes for hiking and climbing the cliff. But it is worth the effort. On top of the cliff, you can watch spectacular views of a valley and a desert and of course, the magnificent sky colors!

   4.Al Khaimah Theme Park

Get ready for a fun-filled day with exhilarating activities – the perfect place to spend time with your family! There are many walking lanes, as well as bicycle and ski shoe rental offices, which sports fans can take advantage of. The theme park is packed with all sorts of games that are kid-friendly and even electric games. Spend some quality time while enjoying the hustle and bustle at the park by having a picnic in one of the areas dedicated to it. Or even better, you can enjoy delicious meals at the local and international restaurant options at the theme park. Don’t forget to take along souvenirs and toys from the gift shops!


This historical mountain town is located in the west of Saudi Arabia. Taif is popular for producing rose water and rose oil. It has a range of artifacts displayed in the area which are from the pre-Islamic and Islamic periods. Additionally, you can explore a vibrant lagoon, lots of greenery, and a large dam.