The start of the year brings us another year full of opportunities such as performing the sacred minor pilgrimage of Umrah. In this blog, we will discuss a complete guide to performing Umrah in 2024 – from Umrah visa requirements and the best months to perform the pilgrimage.

Requirements for Umrah Visa 2024

Now Pilgrims from several countries from around the world have access to the new electronic visa, you can get an e-visa within 24 hours – visa on arrival in the country too.

There are two types of e-visas that you can avail of and perform Umrah with:

Umrah e-visa

This is for Muslims only. A pilgrim may perform Umrah as many times as he wants – given the validity of the visa. On average, a complete umrah may be shorter than a day, given that the conditions and state of the ihram are observed and completed. You are also allowed to visit other cities such as Makkah and Jeddah.

Tourist e-visa

A tourist e-visa also enables a pilgrim to perform Umrah. Upon this visa, you can perform Umrah as well as explore the country. You can enter the country multiple times and your duration can be longer – provided the validity of your visa.

The best time to perform Umrah in 2024

One of the blessed times of the year to perform Umrah is in the month of Ramadan. Performing Umrah in Ramadan has plenty of rewards for the believer. However, it may be a busy time of the year, with a lot of travelers. Another ideal time to go on a spiritual journey of Umrah is after the Hajj season. In 2024, Hajj will fall in June so you can perform Umrah in the following months – July, August, and September. This may also benefit you as there will be fewer travelers during these months and you can find cheaper accommodations and packages! Moreover, the starting and ending months of the year are typically popular times to perform Umrah.

What do you need to know about Umrah Visa 2024?

The Umrah visa is accessible to Muslims around the world. Candidates can apply for an Umrah e-visa (you can check if your country is eligible for an Umrah e-visa) or you can apply through professional travel agencies such as FlySaudi who do the entire work for you – from flight tickets to accommodations to the Umrah visa.

Few Muslim countries – namely Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar can enter the country and may perform Umrah without the need for an Umrah Visa.

If you are a foreign Muslim who does not have a Muslim name yet, then we suggest that you arrange for a certificate from a local Islamic center or mosque that states your country of religion and country of origin.

The Umrah visa is valid for two weeks. However, if you are performing Umrah in the blessed month of Ramadan, you will have to leave the country by the last day of Ramadan, regardless of your completion of 2 weeks.