Are you dreaming of travelling to Saudi Arabia for a spiritual pilgrimage? Preparing and planning for your Umrah journey can be hectic, especially if you are on your own. You need to prioritise a list of things that will help you prepare for the sacred journey. We have gathered some useful tips in this blog, and how to get the best deals, within your budget and as per your requirements. Keep reading below for the best guide to book Umrah packages in 2024!


The most important part of your search and preparation should be on getting affordable deals which includes all-inclusive Umrah packages at the best rates. Here are some factors you need to consider:

Begin Your Preparation Early

If you start the whole process of booking in advance, you will get an advantage – in terms of saving money and getting cheap travel arrangements. This also makes the actual journey hassle-free so you can focus on performing the rituals and getting the most rewards. We advise you to start looking for Umrah packages at least half a year before your anticipated departure date because hotel and flight may increase as that date comes near.

Decide On Your Travel Dates

Choose off-season or avoid peak travel times. This helps you get lower-cost packages and ensures that you get the best accommodations with a less crowded and fulfilling Umrah experience.

Choose Your Type Of Accommodation

If you’re on a budget, you can choose 3-star hotels that are a bit away from the Kaaba. You can also get shared room packages. At Fly Saudi, we ensure you get the most affordable deals on accommodations that are not too heavy on your pocket and guarantee a comfortable stay!

Check for Reviews

For some personal tips and advice, you can ask friends and families who have completed an Umrah. When choosing a travel agency from the UK to go with, you can always read reviews on their website for more credibility.

Check For The Best Umrah Packages

After all the above factors are considered and decided, choose the best value Umrah package. With Fly Saudi, we guarantee the number 1 Umrah packages from the UK with a satisfactory experience and ongoing assistance during your stay, in case you have any queries or issues.


Reach out to us to ask for some specific requirements, such as below:

Ask For Customised Packages

We understand that every client of ours may have unique requirements and preferences. Fly Saudi can offer you a fully personalized Umrah package so that you are only paying for the services you need or you can add any special requests that you have.

Availability of Individual/Group Sharing

Ask your travel agency about twin group deals, if you are travelling with family or in a group. At Fly Saudi, we offer twin, triple and quad-sharing deals. If you have a larger group then we can also negotiate on prices.


Deciding which travel agency to go with? Choose Fly Saudi as your travel partner from the UK. With a range of flights and airports, we are also affiliated with top hotels across Saudi Arabia. We have a dedicated branch in Jeddah to help our clients with any difficulty they might face and ensure a smooth and safe travel to Saudi Arabia.