If you are planning to visit Saudi Arabia this year, then the dynamic city of Jeddah should be a part of your itinerary list!

Jeddah is an up-to-date commercial hub and top tourist attraction spot if you want to discover Saudi’s rich culture and visit new places. Find the ultimate shopping centres, resorts, hotels, beaches and outdoor landmarks that provide a lasting impression to both tourists and locals!


Al-Balad which translates to “The Town” is a historical centre located in Jeddah. Founded in the 7th century, it is a great depiction of Arabian Nights fairytales. A-Balad, also referred to as the Jeddah Historical District is home to a rich marketplace with high-rise mud brick and stone buildings. Here you can find a variety of items from gold and silver decorative pieces to textiles to spices and condiments.

Gabel Street Souk

In the busy area of Al-Balad, you will find this particular street market that is one of the oldest markets in Saudi Arabia. Gabel Street is a booming multicultural centre where you can find edible goods such as dates, spices, and honey and other items such as household items, electronics, perfumes etc.

Red Sea Mall

This all-inclusive mall is your go-to shopping spree place with a range of local and international brands. You can also find an assorted variety of restaurants, cafes, and entertainment for all ages!

King Fahd’s Fountain

Witness one of the most magnificent fountains shows in the world! King Fahd’s Fountain is located in Jeddah and has a height of 853 feet. It is one of the top tourist attractions which is best enjoyed at night.

Jeddah Corniche

Along the Red Sea coastal area, you will find Jeddah Corniche which entails a coastal road, pavilions, leisure areas and large-scale local sculptures. It also contains a blend of contemporary and traditional buildings; the area contains breathtaking views with a cool and light breeze.

You can find a wide range of shops and restaurants with assorted cuisines. There are also various palaces, museums and other recreational places in the area.

Fakieh Aquarium

Discover the underworld with an experience like no other – the Fakiekh Aquarium is the ultimate place to explore diverse sea creatures up close and polish up your knowledge of the deep sea. You can find distinct creatures from the Red Sea, remarkable dolphin shows, an auditorium and a sports club where you can enjoy billiards.