From modern masterpieces to historical heritages, the land of the Arabian culture has so much to offer. Whether you are looking for stargazing with adventurous hiking and overnight camping sites or bustling marketplaces with wide-ranging items for shopping. Fly Saudi invites you to experience the magic of Arabian culture with endless activities and entertainment for all ages!

In this blog, we have gathered a list of top must-visit places when you visit Saudi! And where to explore in these cities!


The capital of Saudi Arabia is home to cultural centres, modern high-rise buildings and historical sites. With dynamic café and restaurant options, mud-brick palaces, and diverse shopping choices from old-style souks to contemporary malls.

Best places to visit in Riyadh

  • Edge of the world
  • Kingdom Centre
  • Masmak Fort
  • The National Museum


Meanwhile, the must-visit port city is located on the Red Sea – a gateway to pilgrimages and an attractive vacation spot for tourists. You can find a list of hotels and beach resorts here. And a list of recreational to enjoy.

Best places to visit in Jeddah

  • Al-Balad
  • Gabel Al Souk
  • King Fahd’s Fountain
  • Jeddah Corniche


Buraidah is one of the underrated cities in Saudi Arabia which has a lot of attractions to explore. With a rich range of cuisines and agricultural customs, there is a lot that Buraidah offers

Best places to visit in Buraidah

  • Buraydah Museum
  • Albasim
  • Al Nakheel Mall


This city on the East Coast has some of the most spectacular places in Saudi Arabia to explore. Dammam is the ultimate place to relax, boasting a lot of contemporary and cultural places to discover. With several historic sites, stunning beaches, and various fun-filled water activities.

Best places to visit in Dammam

  • Dolphin Village Dammam
  • Dammam Corniche
  • Takyt Bahar